House Painting Tips From the Best House Painters in Brewster, NY

House Painting Tips From the Best House Painters in Brewster, NY

Beginner DIYers should consider learning how to paint a whole room. After all, as simple and affordable painting projects are, they’re messy and easy to mess up! Luckily, painting mistakes are easy to fix, and anyone can do it. But before you grab your paint roller and begin with the first coat, planning things is essential to avoid problems later.

That said, we asked the leading painting company in Brewster, NY, and their expert house painters in Brewster, NY, for their foolproof tips and tricks to get your paint job started with flying colors. See how to paint a room below for a successful upcoming painting project:


Start by imagining how you wish the finished paint job will be. And remember, you’re open to over four walls or an entire room with the same shade. Explore your creativity by painting with bold color accent walls or highlighting crown moldings with a contrasting hue or finish.

Choose Your Hue

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Inspecting fan decks and paint chips can be overwhelming for beginners, as there are thousands to check. So, you can streamline your search by seeing the general color characteristics and seeing if you need a warm, calm, bright, or neutral hue. Plus, if you have existing art decorations or furniture, consider how the color will complement them.

Once you’ve decided what paint hue to use, check out different shades and get samples for a better idea of how your structure will look. You can find adhesive swatches in local improvement or paint stores, giving you a better sense of the shade in your space.

Determine How Much Exact Paint You Need

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Whether upgrading your home’s powder room exterior or kitchen cabinets, you’ll need at least one gallon of paint per 400 square feet. But since that’s a rough guideline, you’ll need to get a more accurate figure for expansive projects. Experts recommend using paint calculators for a more precise estimate, as it also considers measurements of doors and windows.

On the other hand, if you want to whitewash a gray wall, you’ll need extra paint to transform it from a dark hue to light. After all, a deeper shade will need more coats of paint than its lighter-colored counterparts. Professional painters suggest adding a gray-tinted primer to the surface before painting a saturated color to minimize the number of coats needed.

Prepare Work Areas Before Painting

No matter how experienced you are, painting is a messy task. And no homeowner would want to damage their favorite sofa or precious trinkets they got from their last vacation. Therefore, prepare your work area first and remove all furniture and decorations before you paint. 

If you need more space for your furniture and other trinkets, place everything in the middle of the room. Once gathered, cover them all with a lightweight sheet, either plastic or cloth, including the floors.

Ensure Proper Ventilation When Painting

Paint has hazardous fumes, and once exposed for long enough, it can cause health problems. Hence, ensure the room you’re painting has proper ventilation, whether through opened windows or electric fans. Keep the spot warm and turn a fan on to speed up the drying process.

Remember, painting any structure will take time, so don’t rush, as the paint may take longer to dry completely.

Clean Up Work Area After Painting

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After applying a fresh coat of paint, you still need to clean up your work area. These include removing all painter’s tape, gathering used drop cloths, and drying all spills and splatters before moving them. Moreover, professional painters suggest using clean brushes with soapy water for water-based paints

On the other hand, you can use mineral spirits for oil-based paints for more effortless cleanup. Additionally, you can use a painter’s brush to clean and fix used paint bristles.

The Bottom Line

With these expert tips in mind, painting any structure will now become more manageable for amateurs and experts, guaranteeing a seamless experience. You can also avoid the hassle and expensive costs of house painting by hiring the best house painters in Brewster, NY — the Brewster Best House Painting. 

They guarantee a faster, cleaner, and more professional home painting experience. Call them today to get your free consultation and quote.