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5 Ways to Boldly Use The Color Teal

Many people tend to steer clear of neutral colors. For some, an all-neutral color palette is stunning, while others think it’s too dull. If any of these resonate with you, you may want to consider adding a bit of spice to your living spaces. You can incorporate vibrant color into your design — the color teal. 

Teal is a combination of blue and green, and this bold shade projects a soothing feeling that brings you a bit closer to nature. According to Brewster Best House Painting, the leading painting company in Brewster, NY, teal is a bold yet inviting color that can make any room bright and animated. They also said teal could easily blend with other bold tones, creating a lively, cohesive space.

Stick around to learn more about how the color teal, when appropriately used, can animate any of your home’s living spaces.

Teal painting - Brewster Best House Painting

Create a Bold Accent Wall With Teal

An accent wall never fails to draw visual attention into a room. When you have a teal accent wall, you make that specific space the focal point of the room. This can be worthwhile, especially if the room is dull or small.

Teal projects the feeling of serenity and luxury, not to mention its ability to make a room feel larger. While it’s more common to use teal paint, you can also use teal wallpapers to add more dimension and texture to the room. Wallpapers are durable, washable, and can serve as a protection to the wall’s surface.

Partner Teal With Other Exciting Colors

Never doubt the power of color blocking, even in interior design. With color blocking, you can make any of your living spaces look more intentional and consistent. This is usually done with neutral colors, but you can always incorporate bold colors like teal. You can easily use color blocking on walls, furniture, or through different patterns.

According to Brewster Best House Painting, homeowners should choose an odd number of colors when considering color blocking. An example would be one bold color (teal) and two neutral colors (white and beige). You can also partner teal with other exciting choices like pink, gold, or blue to make things more interesting and dynamic

Utilize Color Blocking Properly

There’s no doubt that teal can transform a room and make it feel more vibrant. But if you feel like utilizing teal alone is boring, you can always partner it with another bold yet complimentary color! There are many colors out there that go well with teal when it comes to interior design.

All you have to do is experiment and see what looks best when partnered with teal.

House painting companies in Brewster, NY, advise homeowners looking for a luxurious vibe to associate teal with gold. Those looking for softness and comfort can choose teal and light shades of pink instead. If you want your room to have a tropical vibe that emphasizes closeness to nature, you can use the colors blue and teal.

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Get Your Hands on Teal-Colored Furniture

Choosing the right furniture never fails to elevate any interior space. To make your room twice as enjoyable, you can select teal-colored furniture or decorations such as wall art, accent chairs, and even ottomans. Teal-colored furniture can brighten any space and add a much-needed texture while simultaneously attracting the attention of anyone who enters the room.

Use a Teal Area Rug

Accent walls aren’t the only thing that can act as a room’s focal point – area rugs can make it too! Bold-colored area rugs can help make a space feel more inviting, and with the eye-catching teal color, expect your room to be more interesting. Some house painting companies in Brewster, NY, have seen rooms that look exceptionally well with teal area rugs, especially those that keep in line with the same family of colors.

Let a Reputable House Painting Company in Brewster, NY, Paint the Room for You

Interior house painting is easier said than done. But, if you’re planning to paint your room with teal and you want a professional-looking paint job, you can never go wrong with hiring a painting company. Brewster Best House Painting can help you make your dream teal-colored room come to life.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can make your teal-colored dream room possible!